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Pyramid Teabags

Postby Guest » Jun 14th, '05, 21:19

Hi fellow Tea entreprenuers,

I am starting my web-based tea business. I am based in Australia. I am looking for supplier of pyramid teabags so I can pack my own tea into it. Any suggestion where I can get them?

Thanks heaps!

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Postby viettea » Aug 12th, '05, 09:51

VietNam produce a lot of teas (sencha green tea, white
tea, black tea, green tea, others) with highest
quality and selling at a very affordable prices. Are
you interested in carrying teas import from VietNam? I can supply you Vietnamese tea leaf at reasonable price and you can pack it in whatever way you want.

Hien Nguyen

Postby Ron F » Aug 13th, '05, 03:20

Years ago I bought some Organic Green Tea from Vietnam and it was great.I am looking to buy tea for my own consumption.Do you sell retail and if you do how can I contact you?

Ron F
Ron F
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Postby PeteVu » Aug 13th, '05, 11:52

you can find the teabags you are looking for by doing a search on google for "brooke bond pyramid teabags." They are a very popular company and i personally would trust their teabags.
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vietnamese organic tea

Postby viettea » Aug 15th, '05, 15:48

Dear Ron,
You can contact me at I recieved an email asking to buy Vietnamese tea for home consumption, I don't know if this email come from you. If not then just use the email address above to contact me.

Hien Nguyen

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