Which one?!

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Which one?!

Postby garrettmc » Dec 28th, '10, 22:44

Hello, I think that I want to order some oolong from Adagio the next time I need some more tea. I have never tried oolong. Which tea is the most affordable, but tastes the best? I don't want anything with added in fruit or anything like that, just a plain oolong that tastes great. Any ideas? Thanks :)

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Re: Which one?!

Postby iannon » Dec 29th, '10, 09:10

well depending on where your tastes are...greener vs darker. or if you want to try a range and dont want to shell out on the masters stuff Id go for either the dragon sampler or your make your own sampling between the Dancong and the wuyi..and the ali shan and the tky. but thats just me ;)

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Re: Which one?!

Postby TwoPynts » Dec 29th, '10, 10:21

I agree, a sampler is probably the way to go. I would avoid #8 as to me it tastes rather leafy and plain, but I am enjoying a cup of the Ooooh Darjeeling this morning and also really like the #40. If you want something more green, I like their Ali Shan, and the Jade is good too.

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