Golden Monkey

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Golden Monkey

Postby Owlie » Dec 28th, '10, 21:36

Does anyone have one they like? I'm particularly after one with pronounced cocoa notes.
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Re: Golden Monkey

Postby TwoPynts » Dec 29th, '10, 12:30

The one from is complex and really good. Unfortunately it is out of stock right now. You could also try the one from or even Adagio's but I am not sure how "cocoa-ey" the latter is.

If you don't mind a splurge, I found this tea to be quite excellent, with some distinct cocoa notes: ... _p_35.html
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Re: Golden Monkey

Postby Alucard » Jan 4th, '11, 19:49

I found adaigo's black dragon pearls to have a noticeable cocoa flavor. On top of that it is a pretty good Chinese black tea probably comparable to golden monkey.
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Re: Golden Monkey

Postby Owlie » Jan 21st, '11, 16:22

I've tried SpecialTeas (that's what's in my stash at the moment), but since ST appears to be going the way of the dodo :( , I need a replacement.

I do have a gift certificate to Adagio. Maybe I'll order some samples!
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Re: Golden Monkey

Postby TeaJunky » Jun 20th, '11, 20:23

I have found that's Golden Monkey has that pronounced cocoa note, and I drink it almost every Saturday when I am working there. That being said, I work there so my opinion should be taken with a horse-lick if I am not actually violating some rule somewhere about posting and advertising. I did give full disclosure in any case.
On the cocoa side of thing's I recommend trying your favorite dark chocolate with your black tea, the two are wedded to each other, especially the Chinese black teas. Hao Ya A is always my favorite for the chocolate pairing, but the congou class is actually where I first started pairing the two and I go back to that happy place often.
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Re: Golden Monkey

Postby yshuto » Jun 21st, '11, 17:09

CHAI TAI from Mariage.

"It should be drunk hot, sugary and milky, or iced. This true elixir of happiness has a unique flavour of malt and chocolate."
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