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Tea software.

Postby Kurry » Dec 1st, '10, 12:25

Hi, do anyone know if there's a software out there, where I easily can write down which teas I have at home. And maybe write some info, like the teas origin, taste, preferred steeping time etc.
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Re: Tea software.

Postby Nenugal » Dec 1st, '10, 13:27

I just use a spreadsheet from Google Docs for that... not perfect but it works ok, and the advantage is that I can access the information from both my home and office computers.
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Re: Tea software.

Postby skilfautdire » Dec 9th, '10, 21:51

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Re: Tea software.

Postby febs » Dec 17th, '10, 11:56

skilfautdire wrote:emacs


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Re: Tea software.

Postby skilfautdire » Dec 18th, '10, 16:56

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Tea software.

Postby sneakers » Dec 31st, '10, 00:23

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Re: Tea software.

Postby skilfautdire » Jan 2nd, '11, 15:46

For anyone whose computer was not 'born' with Excel and did not 'appeared magically', Open Office is an excellent, free, alternative (and does a few things more like text processing, presentations, and drawing) :

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Re: Tea software.

Postby alan logan » Jan 6th, '11, 08:49

a word processor is ok (you can make a table of contents, add comments, notes, insert pics and text areas, design your own template, export in whatever format you see fit...).
openoffice is very good

if you do not export on a "webOS" type doc, you can still manage your doc with a portable app (you carry it on a USB, you use it anywhere w/o having to install):

other than these, you can work online:
- gdocs has been mentioned --good, intuitive, reliable
- notebooks (I think you can still get gnotebook in your google account, although this lovely service is no longer further developped)
-or a CMS (blog mainly) which you can set on "private" if you just want something for yourself and like the "journaling" idea and the simple organization this kind of soft offers (archives by date, tags).blogger is free and has improved on usability since launch.

and, as for any data, never forget to save your tea data...
alan logan
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Re: Tea software.

Postby Leafbox Pete » Jan 6th, '11, 21:38

I'm not sure how popular it is over here but http://steepster.com is exactly what you are looking for. Plus the it as the social aspect embedded into it, which makes it a lot of fun.

Other interesting tea software deserving honorable mention is http://steep.it It's a tea timer, but a really cool, I use it several times a week.
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