Marketing the store

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Marketing the store

Postby Charles » Jan 24th, '11, 21:18

I've started a series on Marketing our new Adagio Tea stores.

The first installment is "Marketing to the passing shopper"

I'd love to hear your feedback, and what draws you to visit a new store - tea or otherwise.

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Re: Marketing the store

Postby Chip » Jan 28th, '11, 21:42

This will be very subjective and likely quite different for many people based on personal interests and tastes.

I will easily be sucked in by the lure of Asian themes, designs. But I realize many others would not be, including possibly your target market. Many Westerners can even be intimidated by an Asian theme, design.

However if the store is clearly marked TEA, I will walk in regardless of design, theme, even appearance. Because if it is "tea" ... I am curious.

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Re: Marketing the store

Postby iannon » Jan 29th, '11, 11:00

I'm with Chip..if its a clearly marked Tea store im going in..there just arent that many Tea stores where I live..ok..only one. And that "Tea Flight" poster is awesome! That was one right? There is no way I am walking by if I see a poster like that! no way..

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Re: Marketing the store

Postby Bob W » Feb 2nd, '11, 14:57

I agree if it says "tea" I will check it out. The Asian theme question is interesting. Personally, it will increase the likelihood I will make time to check the place out but, I agree, for some it will not only be a turn off but also a game ender.

Charles, I'm curious how front window displays figure into your strategy of attracting the passing shopper. At one extreme, some shops, including at least one in downtown Chicago, have focused on thematic displays that change frequently to catch the eye of even the regular passerby. At the other extreme, some appear to focus on displaying elegant and colorful teaware for sale in the front window that only gradually changes.

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Re: Marketing the store

Postby Charles » Feb 2nd, '11, 16:24

The front window is the primary tool for attracting the attention of the passing shopper. A poster may catch someone's eye, but a customer is more likely enter a great looking store with bad signage, than a store that doesn't look appealing but has a great poster in the window.

We are still in the process of getting our window merchandising right. We felt good about, and got good feedback on, our holiday displays, but since then are still working to match our collection and display strategy to the brand. We've installed new glass shelving at both locations and are on round two of our display strategy. Once we feel like we have it right, I'll post pictures. :)

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Re: Marketing the store

Postby TaoTeaLeaf » Apr 3rd, '11, 16:18

Hi All,

It is nice to discuss this on TeaChat, i really like the "Tea Flight" to let customer taste different tea in short time.

In my opinion, there are two type of customer, one type customer(i think most of the consumer), this is a great way, let them taste so many different flavors and help them make decision which tea to buy; the other type of customer, they want use very traditional way to taste and to help them make decision, this is always happens in my shop, some customer come in, they want talk to someone who really know about tea and tasting some, also for some tea, different tea ware, different steep temperature and time can make the tea taste big different, also when the tea become cool, it is taste different, if for this kind of customer, i will suggest sit down on a table, because even we steep in traditional way, people keep moving, then some of them may taste first steep and some may taste at the end, i got this experience on my first anniversary event, now if we need do tasting for many people we will use a warmer keep the tea warm enough.

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Re: Marketing the store

Postby bcrav1024 » Jun 17th, '11, 13:06


I think it's really awesome to have a TeaRetailer section. I was checking out a topic in '09 where people were suggesting ideas for teas Adagio could carry, and now Adagio carries nearly all of the wanted teas. Excellent customer service! Anyway...

I'm an Advertising major at UF, and the first thing you'll need to draw passing people by in will be awareness, familiarity, and opinion. In other words, good WOM. You want the local people in the area to at least heard about the Adagio store and hear that it's a tea store. I think simply the store logo will help with this, but also having facebook fan pages for the stores help, too (I'm aware you guys already do this, which is good). I think doing promos for passing shoppers will help, too -- "Hey, come on in and try a sample and will give you a 15% off coupon on your next purchase!" Something to that nature.

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