Need advice from the more knowledgeable!

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Need advice from the more knowledgeable!

Postby ilrt1014 » Feb 12th, '11, 00:58

Hi all, my friend is a singer, and I would like to get her a nice tea set for her upcoming birthday. I don't want to buy her just anything, and was wondering what your opinions were as to the best tea for voice preservation? I've read a lot that has suggested I look into getting her some ginger tea? Any opinions would be very welcomed! Thank you! :D

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Re: Need advice from the more knowledgeable!

Postby bryan_drinks_tea » Feb 17th, '11, 18:21

all in all, drinks that are too hot may actually hurt the throat more than anything. slightly warm drinks work best. Avoid flavored teas or ones that have artificial flavors or sugars (saccharin, blue stuff, pink stuff) as it may cause congestion. As a singer myself, I've been there and had to learn about that too.

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