the ceylon tea

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

the ceylon tea

Postby facundodinapoli » Aug 18th, '05, 21:01

before all we have to put foot on name si facundo and im 20.actually im studing "pasion" for teas have arrived so far that my friends think im crasy.but i know im not.i just love tea more than my mothe ¿is there anything wrong?; i don´t think.
well , my love for ceylo tea is ever more.i´ve teated many teas but theres no anyone lile ceylon tea.and you know way? couse ceylon grew up over 3000 mts on sea level ...thas otrer tea does it so high. ok im leavin today you´ll know more about my soon.i´ll hope to know more about you but specialy about teas.if you can aport information please contactme thanks a lot.

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Postby chris » Aug 19th, '05, 11:27


Thanks for the post.

While we appreciate your passion for Ceylon tea, we encourage you to expand your horizons. There are so many amazing tastes in the tea world that it is impossible to say that there is one that is the best.

Hope on your journey towards tea discovery you'll find one that stirs your passions as much as much as Ceylon. And I hope that Law School thing works out, because that'll prove to your friends that you're not "crasy" (and you can sue them if they do).

Foot on land,

Adagio Maestro

PS... For the record, I love my mom equally, potentially even more, than Ceylon tea.

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