Tea Tastings or meet ups?

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Tea Tastings or meet ups?

Postby Windy_City_TeaCup » Feb 26th, '11, 13:06

Hi Tea Chatters!

I'm a newbie and would like to try to expand my horizons by tasting various teas. Curious if anyone knows of any tea tastings that might be happening in the local Chicago area? Or are their local member meet ups at various tea serving establishments? I figured tasting the tea is the best way to learn :D

Thanks for the feedback!


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Re: Tea Tastings or meet ups?

Postby Chip » Feb 26th, '11, 13:24

Hi Windy City,

I moved your topic here under TeaMap, but left a temporary "shadow" under Introductions.

I don't know about meet ups, but Adagio has flagship stores in the Chicago area where you can taste just about any tea you want to try, with assistance or somewhat on your own.

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