Beans to leaves

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Beans to leaves

Postby DethChef » Oct 8th, '07, 18:27

I've spent the last several years dedicating a decent amount of energy into learning the art of coffee roasting and appreciation. I finally felt as though I had reached a plateau and felt a need to reorient myself to tea.

Like most others I've had my fair share of "premium" tea bags that I had acquired in various groceries and specialty shops, but hadn't really had the opportunity to get into ultra-premium varietal teas.

I've recently purchased a nice Yixing pot and a few teas from Teance that I am currently coveting with great zeal.

I'm interested in all aspects of tea and hope to contribute here.

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Postby Chip » Oct 8th, '07, 20:26

Welcome to the forum Deth...

I hope you enjoy the TEAfellowship.

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Postby CynTEAa » Oct 9th, '07, 09:27

Hi Deth! Hoping you are enjoying the transition to tea. :D

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