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Postby Mary R » Oct 13th, '07, 08:15

Huh. I had not seen anything about that film. I'll try to keep it on my radar, though I doubt I'll be able to see it until it hits DVD. There's only one 'art' theater in my corner of the globe...and I haven't seen this on their marquee.

Welcome to the forum!
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Mary R
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Postby ABx » Oct 13th, '07, 14:28

Ah, I stumbled on this movie some time ago but had forgotten about it. I am really looking forward to seeing it someday.

Anyway, welcome benchracer!
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Postby Chip » Oct 29th, '07, 10:08

Hey Dave...welcome to TeaChat...what's in your cup?

Enjoy the TEAfellowship.
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