kenyan tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

kenyan tea

Postby masterg » Aug 19th, '05, 00:34

Hi guys
It has been interesting seeing all the reviews going on but just one question. Is Adiagio a place to buy/sell tea? The reason is that i have noticed that not a lot of people know of Kenyan tea yet its very good and was wondering how come people haven't tried it. there is Safari Pure is blended from the finest leaves handpicked from the top quality teas of Kenya. It is a blend aimed at producing a bright cup of tea that is lighter in colour, richer in taste and with a distinct aroma. Then there is Fahari tea that has been enriched with Ginger flavour to provide a tropical and fresh taste to tea.
Nway as said just curious and looking for answers


Postby heathenesque » Aug 23rd, '05, 12:30

I prefer Rwandan tea to Kenyan. It tends to have a more 'rounded' flavour than Kenyan, in my experience.

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