fruit-flavored oolongs

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

fruit-flavored oolongs

Postby dejj » Jun 4th, '06, 17:36

Why not have fruit-flavored oolongs? At my local grocery store, I picked up a bottle of oolong tea with peach flavor, which was heavenly. I know that other vendors have fruit-flavored oolongs, but I would really like to see a few from Adagio!

What's the consensus on this? I hope I'm not the only person around here who likes fruit-flavored teas!

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Postby jogrebe » Jun 4th, '06, 23:17

Personally with the exception of Lychee black tea and Orange or Tangerine puerh, I'm not that fond of fruit flavored teas in general so their lack at Adagio doesn't bother me since I buy different teas from different companies.

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Postby daughteroftheKing » Jun 6th, '06, 00:07

Peach oolong...good idea! (I love almost anything peach.)

I'd like to try something in-between the strength of the flavored black teas and the subtlety of the flavored whites. (I often add darjeeling to either of those to make my tongue happy.)
Maybe a flavored oolong would do that?????

(Hmm, I'm starting to sound like Goldilocks: "this one's too strong, this one's too weak, this one's juuuust right.")

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Postby klemptor » Jun 6th, '06, 10:30

I would also like to see some fruit-flavored oolongs.

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Postby rhpot1991 » Jun 6th, '06, 10:50

I have made my own blueberry oolong before using berry blues and oolong #8. You can always try doing a mixture like that, it allows you for more control over what flavors you want too.

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Postby teaspoon » Jun 6th, '06, 11:10

Mmm that sounds like a good idea. Apricot would probably be a good flavor too...


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fruit flavored oolongs

Postby alternativecouple » Oct 14th, '07, 15:24

I love oolongs and would like to see a greater range of flavored oolongs available. There are just some days that you want something a bit different than your usual cup of tea.

Flavors I would like to see would be:

Vanilla Apple
Cherry Almond

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Postby xine » Oct 15th, '07, 10:51

We have new flavored oolongs:

It's on the bottom part of the left hand column.

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Postby henley » Oct 15th, '07, 13:06

Posted elsewhere but Harney has a great Pomegranate Oolong.

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Postby Wesli » Oct 15th, '07, 14:26

Why fruit flavored when you can have my special White-Peppermint Oolong?

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Postby Mary R » Oct 15th, '07, 15:14

Watch it...I have no compunctions about drowning kitties... :twisted:

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Postby skywarrior » Oct 15th, '07, 16:44

xine wrote:We have new flavored oolongs:

It's on the bottom part of the left hand column.

I just tried the vanilla oolong. Not what I expected. Very sweet, almost like it has honey in it.

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Postby Mary R » Oct 15th, '07, 22:17

Me thinks I'm going to have to try these new teas...what are we up to now? New green flavors, the holiday set and these flavored oolongs?

Sigh...there I go again, spendin' my paycheck before I get it. :) Good old fashioned American fiscal responsibility in action.

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Postby ABx » Oct 16th, '07, 00:07

If you want an oolong with a fruity peach flavor, you might try a Phoenix Dancong (dancong variety of tea from the Phoenix mountains).

Dancongs acquire a fruity and slightly floral aroma and taste from the fruit trees and flowers that grow around the tea bushes. The fruity and floral aspects dominate the flavor, but do so in a much more balanced and natural way that I find far superior to any flavored tea.

I honestly don't think that the flavor could be replicated artifically.

If given the choice between a peach flavored ooong and even a cheap Dancong, I would take the Dancong any and every time.

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Postby yukondoit » Dec 9th, '07, 07:36

If you like peach, try Iron Goddess from Serendipitea. ... egoryID=12

It is really peachy and delicious.

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