Rabbit: Teaware for sale/trade

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Rabbit: Teaware for sale/trade

Postby rabbit » Feb 21st, '11, 11:15

I'm just slimming down my collection as I prepare to move, most of this stuff was gifts when I was just getting into drinking tea and was barely (if ever) used.

Nothing is priced, make me an offer and I'll let you know what I think and then I'll give you a shipping estimate if you are interested, don't be shy either... I don't want a lot for any of this stuff.

Yixing Teapot (purple clay)- Approximately 550ml - Purchased on ebay for $170. Has a crack in the handle but is still sturdy.

Rishi Tetsubin (green) - Approximately 300ml

Yixing Teapot (green clay) - Approximately 600ml - Gift, no clue how much it cost.

6 matching yixing cups (green clay) - 100ml

Yixing teapot (possibly fake) - approximately 350ml - OK quality - purchased for $8 at a flee market.

PM me with anything you might be interested in.
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Re: Rabbit: Teaware for sale/trade

Postby Chip » Mar 24th, '11, 19:25

No nibbles? :mrgreen:
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Re: Rabbit: Teaware for sale/trade

Postby David R. » Mar 24th, '11, 19:30

Maybe they come with a tiny rabit inside ! :wink:
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