Tea in College

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Tea in College

Postby TeaKate » Oct 1st, '07, 21:46

There's a new article up on TeaMuse about Tea culture in college, written by yours truly!


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Postby scruffmcgruff » Oct 1st, '07, 22:14

I'm in college too, and I can testify that there is an obsession with caffeine among the student body. There is literally (and I really mean "literally," I'm not just using it as a stronger word for "figuratively") a Starbucks or other source of coffee within 5 minutes walking time from any point on campus. Spooky, no?

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Postby skywarrior » Oct 2nd, '07, 00:46

I would possibly take issue with calling rooisbos and chamomile decaffeinated, (and tea, at that!). They are non-caffeinated or without caffeine. And of course, they are tisanes.

Otherwise, an excellent article. :)

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coffee's okay

Postby cloudyday » Oct 17th, '07, 15:57

I enjoy a good cup of coffee every now and again myself, but only a certain way: freshly ground from whole beans and brewed in a french press. In this way I enjoy coffee very much, and rarely ever drink it strictly for the caffeine.

Aside from the jitters, I dislike the caffeine of coffee due to it's "drop off" effect it has on me. Sure, it'll wake me up for a bit, but then it'll leave me more tired than I was before I drank it once the caffeine wears down. This does not happen to me with tea of any type. If anything, tea tends to keeps me lifted to a small degree. This is assuming I'm not guzzling down cups of black tea one after the other, which I never do anyways.

My fellow students tend to be more into the culture of coffee than anything else, I believe. Yes, the caffeine is a major reason why it is consumed, but the whole coffee house "scene" seems to play a part as well, and just the coffee culture in general. I could care less about the scene. Living in Mississippi you get used to lack of "scenes" of any sort. And I'd rather America never develop a tea culture, because they'd (commercial companies) probably slaughter any resptectability tea does enjoy at the present.

Coffee tastes great when made with care, just like tea.
But tea still tops my list of favorite beverages. :wink:

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