The OLD Tea Blogs topic

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The OLD Tea Blogs topic

Postby Chip » Oct 15th, '07, 11:15

Welcome to the TeaBlogger topic. Please post a link to your blog!

Thanks! :mrgreen:

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Postby scruffmcgruff » Oct 15th, '07, 14:59

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Postby Mary R » Oct 15th, '07, 15:13

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Postby ABx » Oct 15th, '07, 16:42

Heh, maybe now I'll remember who has what blog..

Tea Time in Portland -

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Postby Space Samurai » Oct 15th, '07, 16:43

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Postby Mary R » Oct 15th, '07, 22:21

ABx wrote:Heh, maybe now I'll remember who has what blog.

He he...yeah. Keeping everyone straight was what prompted me to write small descriptions of different blogs on my site. Worked wonders...I need to update some of those listings soon. I still refer to Space's as "picking up steam."

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Postby bambooforest » Oct 16th, '07, 00:07

I wouldn't exactly call my blog a "tea blog" but I would say it is "tea-ish"

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Postby skywarrior » Oct 16th, '07, 11:57

Not a tea blog, per se, but I occasionally talk about tea.

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Pu-erh Blog

Postby hop_goblin » Oct 16th, '07, 13:15

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Postby TeaLady50 » Oct 16th, '07, 20:50

I have one just started.

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Postby Scarlet Glow » Oct 18th, '07, 14:42

Ok ok, I'll add mine too. I just started this blog... and when I mean JUST STARTED I mean the first post was on October 15, 2007. So, don't slaughter it too much. :wink:

My Steeped IdentiTEA

Everyone else's blog that I've seen looks awesome! I hope, one day, that my blog can get a chance to play with the 'big league' blogs. Heh heh... 8)

P.S. It took me a while but I made the header from a picture of a yin yang candle holder that my boyfriend got me for my 21st birthday. :wink:

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Tea Blog

Postby Katrina » Oct 18th, '07, 20:48

I'm also just getting started.

I have a blog:

and a website:

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Postby Wesli » Oct 19th, '07, 17:31

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Postby Mary R » Oct 19th, '07, 23:44

Aha! I *wondered* why the heck my RSS wasn't picking up any posts from you! Now I'll have some quality reading to do during my workday of doom. (Seriously...I accomplished everything that I could think to do for the weekend in just a couple hours today. My 10 hr workday tomorrow is going to go sooooo slowly.)

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Postby Proinsias » Oct 23rd, '07, 21:15

I'm just starting to take notes on my tea drinking habits


You will have to sift through my personal ramblings on kung-fu to find anything tea related.

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