Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

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Do you ... place/store all your teas according to nation and/or region of origin? Or not? Please share.

Yes, by nation
Yes by nation AND region
By Region
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Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby Chip » Mar 29th, '11, 02:36

Greetings fellow tea aficionados! We all hope you will join us on TeaDay ... and share what is in your cup throughout the day.

Yesterday we discussed whether you must "force yourself" out of your fave TeaZone/TeaComfort zone? Please continue to discuss yesterday's topic.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic. Do you ... place/store all your teas according to nation and/or region of origin? Or not? Please share.

We are all looking forward to sharing this TeaDay with everyone, bottoms up!
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Re: Wednesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby debunix » Mar 29th, '11, 02:50

At work, they're filed under type of tea....whites, greens, green oolongs, etc....

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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby IPT » Mar 29th, '11, 03:02

It depends on what the tea is. The tea I have for my personal consumption, I have them stored on shelves by country, type, and region. Greens, Yellows, Whites, and Wulongs I have stored in the freezer by type. The tea stored for aging, I have them stacked according to type, region, and flavor.
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby Xell » Mar 29th, '11, 03:33

I don't have big choice, only few different japanese teas. Label on container is enough to find exact tea without any delays. Though it will increase after new harvest will arrive :)
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby Nenugal » Mar 29th, '11, 06:03

I sort first by country (China, Japan, other) and then by type, in this order from left to right: White, yellow, green, oolong (sorted from lightest to darkest), red, pu-erh, flavoured (jasmine etc). Since my Japanese selection only contains greens, it is divided into sencha, kabusecha, gyokuro, kukicha/houjicha/genmaicha, matcha. Finally the "other" group has only one subgroup at the moment; Darjeeling.
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby karmaplace » Mar 29th, '11, 09:42

I sort my canisters by size or simply by where they'll fit. I throw all my small samples together regardless of type. Luckily I don't have too many teas to sort through when I'm looking for a specific one. :lol:

Formosa Alishan oolong from Dragon Tea House in my cup today. Delicious. :mrgreen:
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby gargoylekitty » Mar 29th, '11, 11:20

Mine are sorted by type more than anything.

This reminds me I should probably get around to resorting everything.
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby olivierco » Mar 29th, '11, 11:29

I store all my unopened Japanese greens in my fridge, otherwise I don't sort my teas according any specific order. I don't even put any label on the cannisters for my opened teas.

Hibiki an SP sencha right now.
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby Elovitz » Mar 29th, '11, 12:52

I don't have a great space for my tea right now, so when organized it's by type. Right now it's a mess and I guess you could say by vendor?

Sencha today
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby Chimpie » Mar 29th, '11, 13:37

All of you are so organised, mine go into a cannister and then in the store. cannisters are the things put in an order not the teas, pot luck on the day. :wink:
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby entropyembrace » Mar 29th, '11, 15:06

I just put mine where I have space for them. :lol:

They´re taking over my bedroom book shelf :shock:
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby laura99 » Mar 29th, '11, 15:17

No organization for my teas. They go where ever they fit in the pantry at home, or the tea box at work.
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby murrius » Mar 29th, '11, 16:42

I don't organize my tea in any particular way. My sock drawer is chaos as well. :D

Mao Feng from Teaspring this morning; very good, floral and sweet.
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby brlarson » Mar 29th, '11, 17:19

Mine are all sorted by type:
    AnXi Oolong
    Taiwan oolong
    greens (Japanese and Chinese)
    whites and yellow
    red and black
plus separate areas for special projects, like dragonwell last year and DHP this year.

Beidou No 1 with breakfast and Zhi Lan Xiang from Tea Habitat a little while ago.
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 3/29/11 TeaStack?

Postby AdamMY » Mar 29th, '11, 17:45

I have three cloth boxes that I keep underneath the table which I brew tea at. Each box is one of three categories: Japanese/ Korean, Chinese (non Puerh), and Puerh, and of course the tea is sorted accordingly and placed in the box. Wondering if I need to reorganize as the Puerh box is over-full and the Japanese/Korean box always looks empty especially since Japanese greens are usually packed in such small bags.
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