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Chasm: Teaswap: Teasource's "Dark" teas and others

Postby Chasm » Apr 5th, '11, 11:34

Since I saw another poster express interest in the 'dark' teas on Teasource, I thought I'd offer to share some of mine. I have some of the "Dark Tea, Large Cake,' "Dark Tea, Small Cake,' and "Hei Cha".

I can also share a couple of samples of their Golden Spiral, if anyone is interested. This is one of the few teas I brew in glass, because the liquid is so luminescent. It goes two infusions, perhaps more.

I also have a weak spot for their Blue Beauty Oolong, which takes unspeakable abuse and still tastes good, so I always have some on hand if someone is interested.

Samples of something I haven't had in return would be great, unflavored teas preferred.
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Re: Chasm: Teaswap: Teasource's "Dark" teas and others

Postby Chip » Apr 5th, '11, 12:43

Although Chasm is a new member, he first asked permission for an exception to the 60 day member rule for TeaSwaps, which was gladly granted.

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