New Tea

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New Tea

Postby Lana Y » Aug 24th, '05, 10:46

I would Love to see Rasberry flavored White Tea.....

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Postby teaspoon » Aug 24th, '05, 10:47

Hmm, that sounds good... I second the motion :). How about it Chris? Ilya?


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Postby LavenderPekoe » Aug 24th, '05, 11:40

That may be good, if it were better than the raspberry flavored black. I can only stomach that one cold. Warm it is just too off for me.

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Postby chris » Aug 24th, '05, 12:05

We'll give it a shot!

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Postby PeteVu » Aug 25th, '05, 12:19

if you have such an urge for a fruity tea just put fresh fruit into some tea, its worked fairly well for me. gives you a world of control too. i personally am not a huge fan of ginger, but my mom prefers it when i put freshly sliced ginger with irish breakfast as opposed to the ginger flavored tea. i also mashed 20 blueberries and a teaspoon of sugar to put it in a pot of dragonwell. my cousin loves sweet things like that and i think it turned out pretty well. I also used fresh fruit to enhance the visual appeal of the herbal infusions. i put a couple slices of fresh strawberries at the bottom of my guests' cups of "strawberry patch" infusions to let them know what theyre drinking (not a very original idea but still fun). the cool part was that the strawberries initially sink, but then they slowly loose their color and begin to float. anyone whos had this particular infusion before knows how wonderful the color is, but the fresh strawberry slices were the icing on the cake.

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