These look fun...

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These look fun...

Postby auhckw » Apr 30th, '11, 14:43

Came across another local tea shop's facebook. They have around since many years ago and has about 20 branches nationwide.

I didn't know they have such fun activities...

2010 Tea Art Camp Day 1, 茶藝生活營第一天 ... 3914503548

2010 Tea Art Camp Day 2, 茶藝生活營第二天 ... 3914503548

2010 Tea Art Camp Day 3, 茶藝生活營第三天 ... 3914503548

2011-March Staff Tea Art Training 紫藤员工培训 ... 3914503548

3月儿童泡茶班 March 2011 Kids Tea-Making Course ... 3914503548

Tea Art Class (October) ... 3914503548

Disclaimer: I am not associated with the company or has a friend who is associated with it. Just want to share the photos :)
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Re: These looks fun...

Postby Drax » May 1st, '11, 18:32

Wow, very cool! Tea camp, eh....?
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