Greetings from The Pacific NW

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Greetings from The Pacific NW

Postby Iwami » May 1st, '11, 22:20

I've been reading here a bit, and looking at tea bowls, etc.
I'm interested in Tea bowls, tea, as an appreciator, explorer, and as a potter, ceramic artist.
I am not as skilled as many of these fine potters whose work I find here, but am inspired by their work.

I have spent some time in Northern Honshu, and if you can tell by my name, I enjoy Japanese Court poetry. Therefore I chose Iwami, from the poem, The sea Of Iwami, by Hitomaro, as my name to use here.

I enjoy Sencha, Bancha, Matcha, and so far have no favorite.
I first had pearl tea as a child, then black teas, and I widened my tea horizons as I grew older, and my time spent in Japan introduced me to green teas, and Genmai cha.

I have a lot to learn and explore, which is exciting, and I feel I will find expertise and suggestions here, and perhaps meet someone in my area to have teas with.


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Re: Greetings from The Pacific NW

Postby tortoise » May 1st, '11, 22:23


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Re: Greetings from The Pacific NW

Postby Chip » May 1st, '11, 22:26

Welcome Iwami to TeaChat. We are hoping to see you around the forum, see some of your works, and of course hear about some of your experiences in Japan.

... and what is your area? :mrgreen:

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