Hello from France

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Hello from France

Postby vacuithe » May 11th, '11, 10:37


I'm a french tea drinker, so please don't be shocked by my poor english.
I always drank tea, but I became seriously addict two years ago.
My favorite ones : puerh, wulong, & green teas.

I started reading this forum about a few months ago. I wanted to interact with this great communi-tea, so I just registred.

Thanks for all these interesting topics, see you soon :mrgreen:

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Re: Hello from France

Postby tortoise » May 11th, '11, 12:42

Hi and welcome.

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Re: Hello from France

Postby Chip » May 11th, '11, 12:53

Bienvenue à TeaChat, pardon mon français! :mrgreen:

Hope to see you around the forum. Share what is in your cup on TeaDay.

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Re: Hello from France

Postby David R. » May 13th, '11, 11:16

Coucou Mister Vacuithé ! :wink:

Bonne lecture.

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Re: Hello from France

Postby teaisme » May 13th, '11, 15:56

your english seems fine to me !
Welcome to teachat :mrgreen:

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Re: Hello from France

Postby teaamor » Jun 18th, '11, 12:58

Salut Vacuithe!
ça l'air que t'es interessé au thé chinois, n'est-ce pas?
tu peut les bien trouvé là-bas?

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