Hello from Buffalo!

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Hello from Buffalo!

Postby KiKi » May 18th, '11, 15:31

Hello! I learned about Adagio from Diggnation, that is where my love of tea really started. I don't think I would have attempted loose tea if it had saved my soul, but Kevin was so excited and enthusiastic about it that I decided I had to try. Its been about 3 years since I bought my first batch and I'm just now buying some new ones to try. I can't wait to become even more of a tea addict than I was back then!
KiKi from Buffalo

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Re: Hello from Buffalo!

Postby SlientSipper » May 19th, '11, 13:59

Glad you could join us.
Welcome and enjoy your stay.

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Re: Hello from Buffalo!

Postby Chip » May 21st, '11, 00:57

Hi Kiki, sorry for the tardy welcome! I hope to see more of you around TeaChat. :mrgreen:

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