White Tip Earl Grey - Gone??

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White Tip Earl Grey - Gone??

Postby ed85379 » May 26th, '11, 22:45

So I am one of the many former customers of Specialteas.com who was very upset when they went out of business.

What is upsetting me is the loss of my absolute favorite, can't live without, every day tea. The White Tip Earl Grey.

I have spent probably a couple hundred dollars at this point, ordering and sampling every so-called "white tip earl grey" out there, and plenty of regular without the white tips, and I just cannot find one that even compares. In fact, I am so spoiled by the quality of the specialteas blend, that I am finding that I don't even like other earl greys anymore.

I have searched in the forum, and I cannot find an answer. Does anyone know where Specialteas got that tea from? Does anyone else know of a blend somewhere that has a similar subtle bergomot flavor? Every one I've tried since has had this awful strong orange taste compared.

Please, someone help me! I am almost out of my reserves!

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Re: White Tip Earl Grey - Gone??

Postby daveterry » Aug 24th, '11, 19:53

I'm with you on this. I bought a 2lb bag from specialteas.com and I'm on the last of it. What's worse is that I'm living in China! (No, I can't find it here either.)

I'm about to order this and have a friend bring it back from the States:


I noticed that you've tried several and spent hundreds. Have you tried this one?

Thanks in advance.

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