tea treats

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tea treats

Postby m147 » Jun 5th, '11, 17:43

what do people enjoy eating with their tea? green, wulong, black, anything. what snacks, meals do you take with tea? i would like to know.

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Re: tea treats

Postby SlientSipper » Jun 5th, '11, 21:04

For Japanese,
Doremon, Yokan, Azuki and a few other beaned treats

Chinese teas, its all about the Xiu Bao.

Generally they are sweets. Made of beans and/or meat.

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Re: tea treats

Postby teaisme » Jun 6th, '11, 14:58

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Re: tea treats

Postby hopeofdawn » Jun 7th, '11, 12:55

This may sound terribly English/Western of me, but I've found that I love a fresh scone with tea, esp. with a little drizzle of honey or homemade jam--especially the heavier-roasted oolongs/black/pu-erh teas. Nothing quite beats a toasty, crumbly scone out of the oven--and they're dead easy to make, to boot. :)

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