Hi from Canada

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Hi from Canada

Postby bogdan101 » Jun 6th, '11, 14:11

Hi everybody,

Very happy to have found this forum! Mostly black tea drinker here, especially China teas. Waiting for my cup of Mao Feng to cool down a bit... :D



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Re: Hi from Canada

Postby Chip » Jun 7th, '11, 01:02

Hi Bogdan and welcome to the forum. We are glad you found us too! Please be sure to share with us what is in your cup on TeaDay. I am looking forward to seeing you around. :mrgreen:

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Re: Hi from Canada

Postby FlyedPiper » Jun 8th, '11, 14:15

Welcome to the forum!

Good to have another tea perspective here. It's mostly oolong and puerh snobs around here :lol: (myself included) .

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