Greetings from Michigan!

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Greetings from Michigan!

Postby BBretschneider » Jul 21st, '11, 08:12

Hello everybody,

My name is Bill Bretschneider. I'm a 21 year old college studdent, and a Computer Science major. I currently do Technical Support for the University of Michigan Health System.

I've been drinking tea for almost a year now. I started with Lipton Green Tea, until my friend recommended I tried loose tea. Since I've had loose tea I've never looked back.

I really enjoy earthy black teas, and grassy green teas. My most recent purchases as of yesterday are, "Emperor's Clouds & Mist Green Tea" and "Nine Dragon Golden Needle Black Tea." I haven't gotten to steep them yet, but I'm very excited to do so :).

Good morning everybody!

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Re: Greetings from Michigan!

Postby Chip » Jul 21st, '11, 08:17

Welcome to the forum Bbretschneider, glad to have you here. I am looking forward to seeing you around the forum, Bill! :mrgreen:

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