Does tea improve your pallette?

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Does tea improve your pallette?

Postby garrettmc » Aug 1st, '11, 22:43

Ever since I've began to drink tea I've noticed that I can pick up on subtle nuances in teas and even other foods that I didn't notice before. Has anyone else had the same experience? it seems like drinking tea kinda trains you to really taste things to try to find out whats in them.

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Re: Does tea improve your pallette?

Postby Kunkali » Aug 2nd, '11, 16:59

Yes most definitely

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Re: Does tea improve your pallette?

Postby SlientSipper » Aug 3rd, '11, 00:42

Quite so.
Similiar effect with wine too.
but, it works much better with tea.

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Re: Does tea improve your pallette?

Postby bryan_drinks_tea » Aug 22nd, '11, 10:57

This probably goes without saying, but taking your time to taste the tea, and experience all the flavors, textures, and the overall feeling of the tea will make your ability grow in leaps and bounds at first. Over time, your ability will grow more slowly, but you will be more discerning and learn what you appreciate in a tea. Happy Drinking!

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