Best First Flush Darjeelings of 2011

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Re: Best First Flush Darjeelings of 2011

Postby yshuto » Aug 9th, '11, 12:54

#10 North Tukvar is most likely Mariage Freres. I've only seen this tea on their website. As for the FF Darjeeling recommendations from Mariage, like I posted above, I would say Narming and Namring Upper. I have not yet tasted some other MF FF teas I listed below

Since I'm all out of all Darjeeling teas, I plan on sending my order to Mariage France for the following:
FF Namring
FF Namring Upper
FF Castleton
FF Bloomfield
FF Jungpana

When I'm in Tokyo later this month, I'll probably purchase the FF Ambootia and FF Happy Valley from Mariage in Ginza. I'll pay a large premium, but as you say, they never disappoint.
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Re: Best First Flush Darjeelings of 2011

Postby Victoria » Aug 10th, '11, 03:10

Ok thanks! Yeah I may have to just bite the bullet and pay the price. The prob is the exchange rate and then the shipping, and then I have to be careful not to order to much and get slapped with COD surprise tax like last time.
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