Thur/Fri TeaDay 8/11-12/11 Time out?

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Time, the final in this series of topics. Are you fanatical about timing your teas and how do you time your teas? Please share.

Very fanatical, I use a timer for each tea I brew
Pretty fanatical, use a timer more often than not
Fanatical, sometimes use a timer
I go by "feel" for some teas
No votes
I go by "feel" for most teas
I go by "feel" for all teas
Intuitively I know for some
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Intuitively I know for most
Intuitively I know it for all
... I just pour water in and then pour tea out, not paying much attention
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Total votes: 26

Re: Thur/Fri TeaDay 8/11-12/11 Time out?

Postby brlarson » Aug 12th, '11, 09:05

I still time everything, but with sencha I have started to judge by watching the leaves open (and then record the number of seconds that it takes:-).

O-Cha Aoi shincha with breakfast today. Perhaps temomicha later!
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Re: Thur/Fri TeaDay 8/11-12/11 Time out?

Postby Mrs. Chip » Aug 12th, '11, 11:57

Chip is in charge of brewing! :lol:

Happy Birthday Tubbycow!!!!!!

In my cup at work, Organic Silver Needle from Rishi. I time my teas at work.
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Re: Thur/Fri TeaDay 8/11-12/11 Time out?

Postby Chip » Aug 12th, '11, 13:00

Mrs. Chip wrote:Happy Birthday Tubbycow!!!!!!


Began the TD with a precisely timed Hana No Kaori with the Mrs. 90 seconds.

I find using the scale, timer, etc. fit into my personality to a degree. I wonder if others find their use or non use also fit into their personalities?
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Re: Thur/Fri TeaDay 8/11-12/11 Time out?

Postby teaisme » Aug 12th, '11, 15:48

Hum not so much really, I like to be on time, but don't really use a timer a lot.
I will though when I am exploring new types of teas and following peoples suggestions on how they like to brew.

But after a a few tries, it's pretty set into the brain.
I have gotten pretty good at weighing tea leaves and water by sight, and timing in the back of my head without literally counting. Still not exact though, that will take much more time.

I have almost mastered the art of pouring water into my electric kettle though :) One swoosh and I have just the right amount for an infusion in my work pot. A different type of swoosh and I have just enough for a rinse, a steep, and a pre rinse for my work pot (this also happens to be the exact weight where the kettle will go by itself without me having to weigh it down while it is running :mrgreen:

Dong Ding!
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Re: Thur/Fri TeaDay 8/11-12/11 Time out?

Postby debunix » Aug 12th, '11, 16:13

Today started with some Tsou Ma Fei spring Alishan oolong from Norbu. yesterday the whole day was repeated infusions of Kan Tou Dan Cong from Tea Habitat. Today I brought a cup of the Tsou Ma Fei to a tea buddy who said, "this is nice, but that one yesterday was so wonderful, like I could wear it for perfume! Now I need a bag of that one."

Another person seduced by Dan Cong....
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