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Postby Scarlet Glow » Nov 16th, '07, 13:48

Yay! Another person from Indiana!

Welcome, Adam!

Scarlet Glow
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Postby Wesli » Nov 16th, '07, 14:38

Adam! You look wonderful buddy!

'Tis what the forums are for! You've come to the right place!

*Brainwashes Adam to drink only Japanese teas*

Was a brainwash even needed? We risk not. FFGS

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Postby Mary R » Nov 16th, '07, 15:11

Dang, us Hoosiers are really representing when it comes to the online tea world. One would think we'd have more brick and mortar stores here.


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Postby Chip » Nov 16th, '07, 18:54

Yep...welcome to our Tea community. You will find a vast amount of info on how to "make and enjoy great tea."

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Postby bambooforest » Nov 16th, '07, 19:25

Master Adam...

Green tea is a treasure. Especially Japanese SENCHA....


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Postby Eastree » Nov 16th, '07, 19:48

All tea is a treasure. Welcome aboard and discover your pleasure! (in tea, I mean)

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Postby skywarrior » Nov 17th, '07, 02:55


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Postby hop_goblin » Nov 17th, '07, 09:20

Welcome friend

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Postby fencerdenoctum » Nov 17th, '07, 16:30


Welcome to Teachat!

May all your cups be filled with cheer! Actually, just fill them with tea.

Have a great time on the forum! Chat with us!

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,

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