Tea community preferences

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Tea community preferences

Postby Kuster » Sep 8th, '11, 14:31

Hey guys :)

I was wondering if I could get some help here. Me and some friends are looking for informations about tea consumers in a general way, for our college project. As design students, we intend to somehow introduce the good habit of tea to brazilians (coffee is much more popular around here).

We are interested in basic informations, like gender, religion, habits and hobbies. Any further than that IS appreciated, we just don`t want to bother you guys much :)


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Re: Tea community preferences

Postby Herb_Master » Sep 8th, '11, 18:08

1. Male;
2. Atheist;
3. ? - going for a massage when my body is tired, socialising with friends in the pub, visiting Teachat to chat with fellow tea lovers;
4. Walking up mountains, Watching Rugby, Gardening with Herbs, Cooking with Herbs, eating great Cheese, drinking fine wine, collecting books, collecting teaware and many others

I also like good coffee, I absolutely HATE Instant Coffee

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Re: Tea community preferences

Postby karmaplace » Sep 8th, '11, 21:28

1. Female, 23 years old.
2. Atheist
3. Surfing the internet and shopping
4. Watching movies and TV programs, reading fiction novels, collecting tea ware, drawing, cooking

I don't drink coffee aside from the occasional fancy pick at a coffee shop (blended mocha frappuchino with tons of whipped cream, ect), though I much prefer to order a tea latte if they have it. I also don't drink any soft drinks outside of a very occasional Dr. Pepper. If there is no good tea available, such as when I go out to eat, I drink water.

My favorite teas are Korean and Japanese greens (light-steamed), darker oolongs, and black chais, and I sometimes enjoy tisanes such as lemongrass, rosemary, and mixed berry.

I am not an extremely active person (I don't make a conscious effort to exercise), but I am on a (mostly) healthy vegetarian diet, though I don't do this for health reasons; I simply don't like the taste of meat.

I tried to give you whatever I thought might be useful. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know. :)

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Re: Tea community preferences

Postby Kuster » Sep 9th, '11, 13:17

Thanks again, this info will sure help a lot :)

I`ll check this post for more answers in the next weeks, and we`d love to hear more voices.

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Re: Tea community preferences

Postby iannon » Sep 9th, '11, 20:01

Male 42 years old
Camping, hiking, nature study with the Kids
Reading for enjoyment has been a passion all my life
I am a major tech-junkie-geek
Good food!
Collecting teaware to drink my tea in though I am not fanatic about it
Also a major history/culture study buff..Love to travel and absorb other lands and cultures

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