theanine high

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Re: theanine high

Postby brandon » Sep 15th, '11, 15:54

Terri wrote:I have crohn's disease and I can't describe the feeling I get drinking some teas..the relief it gives me that my medications can't do being it be a natural anti-inflammatory.

I agree 1000%.

Aged tea after my lunch... all better.
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Re: theanine high

Postby the_skua » Sep 15th, '11, 20:44

Mintaka wrote:I love it. It coats my brain with a feeling of calm and blissful wellbeing. Similar to having your head massaged, but internally. That sounds kinda weird, but it's the best way I can describe it.

Bingo. It's like this wonderful, warm, soft damp cloth on the back of my eyes. So settling, calming, yet focusing. It allows me to concentrate completely on one thing, while allowing me to shift attention easily.

The Suntheanine supplements provide a similar satisfactory effect.

Unfortunately, I have noticed that the more tea I've drunk, the less pronounced the effect. Now I mostly just have a caffeine addiction (talk to my fiancee on Saturday mornings if I don't have any).
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Re: theanine high

Postby solitude » Sep 19th, '11, 04:55

Flonihoncha wrote:Nihoncha Instructor textbook explain like this:
Theanine (y-glutamylethylamide), when arrive in leaves, begin to be decomposed into glutamic acid and ethylamine. Ethylamine is decomposed into ammonia which is used in regeneration of nitrogen, and into carbon used in synthesis of cathechin and polyphenol.
Also, the role of theanine seems to be bring nitrogen from roots to leaves.

Of course, i'm sorry, my first post was a "short-cut", too simple. Products of theanine decomposition are used for the synthesis of cathechin. Important thing is to understand that if you can reduce theanine decomposition (by shading the leaves, or by reduce temperature), you also reduce cathechin and other polyphenols increase. Thats mean more umami, less astringency and bitterness.

I let more detailed stuff to chemistry lovers :D

at the end you were right

M Kito, H Kokura, J Izaki, K Sasaoka. Theanine, a precursorof the phloroglucinol nucleus of catechins in tea plants. Phyto-chem 7:599–603, 1968.
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Re: theanine high

Postby Jspigs » Oct 8th, '11, 15:39

I have noticed this too with various teas.
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Re: theanine high

Postby Ansel » Oct 22nd, '11, 15:09

Isn't it the MAOIs that give you the high, or is it the theanine or both?
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