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Postby bagua7 » Oct 3rd, '11, 00:22

Ritva wrote:I received the Sun Moon Lake Black Tea from zen8tea this week. It was described as Assam, but Melody at zen8tea told me it was indeed Ruby or Red Jade tea. I got a nice tin box with label "Sun Moon Lake Black Tea" in it. You can understand my surprise when the tea turned out to be not black at all! It's a rolled oolong. I brewed it and it tasted like a semi-oxidised oolong with medium roasting. The used leaves are brownish green...

I want to further clarify this post even though is a bit old. This is a message I received from zen8tea today enquiring about this tea:

This is real Sun Moon Lake black tea. In Taiwan, there are 2 types of the Sun moon lake black tea. One is Assam black tea-shaped, the other is roll-shaped.

The fermented process of later type is like Oriental Beauty tea, the tea leaves are exposed to leafhopper insects that take a bite out of each leaf, triggering a partial oxidation of the leaf. After the leaf is more mature and processed, a uniquely fragrance of honey and roses. This is special roll-shaped, different from traditional black tea-shapped.

The tea leaves are from sun moon lake. However, how to make tea is depending on how master to produce it. I tasted this teas 4 years ago and I like it very much, I'm glad that I could find this batch again this year. Once current stock runs out, I don't know when I can get it again next time. If you prefer Assam-shaped, I will consider to sell it in the future. (I personally prefer this roll-shaped tea's taste.)

I have brewed zen8tea's product and certainly doesn't taste like an oolong to me at all and have nothing to complain about. A very fine Taiwanese red tea.

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