gray tea......(belch)

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

gray tea......(belch)

Postby Altorca » Sep 30th, '11, 20:46

oy vei i just mixed the tazo thrive black tea with lipton pomegranate blue bery white tea(tryna duplicate the black/white tea by arizona)
and i feel like poo right now...
just a word of experience to any other experimenters...
and how does arizona do that with their black and white tea mix????

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Re: gray tea......(belch)

Postby teaisme » Oct 3rd, '11, 16:10

pomegranate blue berry white tea prob messed it up with the added fruit flavourings
If it was just plain black and white I imagine it would not be so offensive

Also arizona has the added ginseng and honey which would help mask bad flavours

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Re: gray tea......(belch)

Postby Altorca » Oct 3rd, '11, 21:48

but pomegranate in both is a flavor thats common between the 2 of them and rasberry/blueberry is a very well known and loved fruit combo...

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Re: gray tea......(belch)

Postby Drax » Oct 4th, '11, 06:56

Peanut butter and jelly is a great combo, and apparently mint jelly and lamb are great as well. But all three together...? Well, I haven't tried it, but something tells me it would not be so great. :D

Can you identify what made the combination so bad? Was it too tart? As teaisme says, you may be able to counterbalance or mask some of the offending flavors by adding sweetener...

You might also double-check the "ingredients" list for what flavors are actually in the drinks you combined. With juices, at least, manufacturers often sneak in juice from other fruits as filler (such as pear). There may be something "extra" lurking in one of the two...?

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Re: gray tea......(belch)

Postby AlexZorach » Oct 20th, '11, 13:39

I'd imagine it would take a special type of black teas and white teas to produce a blend that actually worked and tasted good.

I'd imagine that a darker white tea, Bai Mu Dan or Shou Mei, might work well with a smoother black tea...but then the trick would be to find teas where the aromas would mesh well.

I can't think of a blend off the top of my head that I'd imagine working well...but I suspect it could be done if you put your mind to it.

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