New Gyokuro TeaLover from Madrid Spain

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New Gyokuro TeaLover from Madrid Spain

Postby Madrileno_x_el_mundo » Oct 10th, '11, 13:46

Dear all,
Thanks for all your writings in regard Ippodo and Maiko tea companies. You've helped me quite a lot with your wisdom :o) I've already ordered a delivery through Ippodo store and I am now very anxious waiting for the package with Gyokuro Ippoen, Kanro & Rimpo (I just ordered today with EMS, how long does it take?). I`d like to enjoy & analyze the difference between all 3 types. The only gyokuro I have tasted comes from a local and economic tea shop at my neighborhood in Madrid. Therefore, I guess I shall perceive a huge difference. Maybe I shall get an orgasm with Ippodo`s stuff?

Please if you have any other suggestions with Jappanesse green tea, I would really appreciate them.

My best wishes


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Postby teaisme » Oct 11th, '11, 14:11

hello and welcome!

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Re: New Gyokuro TeaLover from Madrid Spain

Postby Chip » Oct 15th, '11, 03:01

Gyokuro drinkers are welcome ... :mrgreen:

Hope to see you around the forum.

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