Mixing Herbs

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Mixing Herbs

Postby sanamionline » Aug 17th, '11, 13:27

I have a question about liangcha (herbal cooling tea), which is partly medicine partly herbal tea. I would like to know more about mixing 2 or more herbal teas and their effect.

I assume that some cannot be mixed so I wonder which ones to be cautious of.

I am more interested in mixing the following:

1. Blueberry leaf with licorice root and marshmallow leaf.

2. Marshmallow leaf and licorice root

3. Red Clover and licorice or marshmallow leaf

All help would be most appreciated.



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Re: Mixing Herbs

Postby teaisme » Oct 18th, '11, 17:49

I hear that licorice and diuretics are not meant to be mixed.
So green tea/red clover/marshmellow leaf/blueberry leaf mixed with licorice possibly dangerous together? Any herbalists know for sure?

I have no herbal background, could be totally off :!:

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Re: Mixing Herbs

Postby Twist » Dec 6th, '11, 12:28

The book, "Practical Herbalism" has lengthy descriptions on each herb. It has a chart for each one describing different conditions the herb helps with, appropriate preparations, and what herbs it combines well with for that ailment. VERY HANDY book! It's a wonderful reference to have around.

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