Darjeeling Steeping Parameters

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Darjeeling Steeping Parameters

Postby Wesli » Nov 29th, '07, 17:30

Anybody want to throw some wisdom my way?

Leaf/temp/time? First flush vs second flush parameters? Solubility rules?

Just ordered my first Darjeeling(#22 from Adagio), and I have to say, it's reminding me extremely of more oxidized Taiwanese leaf.
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Postby CynTEAa » Nov 29th, '07, 17:33


Second flushes are usually good at around 3 minutes, 4 at the most or they can get too sharp. For first flushes, I don't like to go longer than 3.

Hope this helps. :D
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Postby Space Samurai » Nov 29th, '07, 18:01

I do 3 grams/4 minutes/boiling water. For first flush, I'd let the water cool just a bit and steep for 3 minutes.
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Postby tomasini » Nov 30th, '07, 02:40

2nd flush Darjeeling at boiling water, 3 minutes...

You can do no wrong with this...it gets me goin every morning...first thing my body consumes.
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Postby bambooforest » Nov 30th, '07, 02:57

For first flush Darjeeling, I do 3 grams per 7-8 ounces for 2:30 at around 180-190F. Simply delicious!
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