A VERY new Tea Drinker

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A VERY new Tea Drinker

Postby Tiercel » Nov 5th, '11, 23:47

Hello everyone. My name is Keith, and I've been drinking tea for about a week. Tonight I made my first tea at home (High Mountain Oolong from Tienxi). It was great!

I'm 51 years old, and until a week ago, my most positive reaction to tea was firm shrug, but last week while visiting an Asian supermarket in Seattle, and after seeing my wife's response to a sample, I decided to try a little. I was only expecting to make polite noises. I was shocked when I discovered that it was really good! So we bought some.

I've spent the last week researching how to make it, and tonight was my first attempt, and it was a success. I'm still very new at this and expect to ask many questions, and am looking forward to browsing the posts here.


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Re: A VERY new Tea Drinker

Postby iannon » Nov 5th, '11, 23:54

We love questions!
there are so many experienced tea drinkers here as well as vendors and teaware artisans here I hope you make it one of your places of choice for teaknowledge.
...and welcome!


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Re: A VERY new Tea Drinker

Postby Chip » Nov 6th, '11, 01:57

+1, welcome to TeaChat Keith. I am looking forward to seeing you around the forum.

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