Hello from Massachusetts

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Hello from Massachusetts

Postby MIKE_B » Nov 6th, '11, 20:45

I've been a serious tea drinker, on and off, for about 15 years. When I first began trying quality loose leaf tea, I became obsessed. I built up quite a large tea stash. After I finally brewed my way through it all, my obsession had cooled. For years after that I just got by with cans of Rishi that could be had at my local Whole Foods Market and sometimes even just tea bags (gasp).
A trip I took last summer brought me back to tea. I visited a west coast tea house, sat down to some Gongfu, and walked out an hour later with a bag full of nice (and a bit over-priced) oolongs and a brick of 5 year shu.
So, I'm back. My tea addiction is running strong again. And I couldn't be happier.

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Re: Hello from Massachusetts

Postby iannon » Nov 6th, '11, 21:11

you should have known you couldnt REALLY get away..
and Welcome!

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Re: Hello from Massachusetts

Postby Chip » Nov 9th, '11, 17:30

Greetings Mike, welcome to TeaChat. This place has a way of escalating one's interest in tea and all the fun accouterments that come with it. You have been warned. :mrgreen:

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