Sencha sojouner & Oolongs so green they bloom.

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Sencha sojouner & Oolongs so green they bloom.

Postby radiowonderland » Nov 16th, '11, 12:34

New here.

My loose-leaf love started with a great Tung Ting Jade Oolong, a so-called green Oolong that blew my mind. No matter how long I steeped, or how many times infused, amazing complex flavors and smells always surpassed any bitterness. Recently I've seen that some green Oolongs have this quality, some not, and not even every Tung Ting Oolong does. So I search on.

I didn't mean to be come such a fanatic. I'm being sucked in. And loving it.

Meanwhile, I'm about to ask over in the green forum about radation. I might be throwing out $150 worth of Shizuoka sencha today.
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Re: Sencha sojouner & Oolongs so green they bloom.

Postby Chip » Nov 16th, '11, 19:43

Hi and welcome to TeaChat. Hope to see you around the forum.

"Tung Ting" can surely be a frustrating tea to buy and enjoy. Extremely variable.

Good luck on your sencha hunt!
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