Question about re-using leaves

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Question about re-using leaves

Postby silversun » Nov 14th, '11, 17:51

Hello teachat! =)
I've noticed that my leaves start not tasting as fresh when I reuse them from the day before. Is there a way I can store them so that they still taste as good? I've just been leaving them in my yixing. Thanks!
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Re: Question about re-using leaves

Postby » Nov 14th, '11, 18:25

I hope with a well-understood.

After 24 hours of wet foliage begins to appear a mold. So do not do brew.

I understand?
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Re: Question about re-using leaves

Postby edkrueger » Nov 19th, '11, 19:17

Put some room temperature water over the leaves.
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Re: Question about re-using leaves

Postby Cole » Nov 21st, '11, 03:11

How many grams and how many steepings are you getting out of your tea?

I don't really see much point in holding onto and re-using leaves once they're "spent," but I'm starting to think I lost something in translation...
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Re: Question about re-using leaves

Postby mWin » Nov 21st, '11, 15:00

I've tried resteeping my tea a second time, but I feel like it loses a lot of its flavor. I'm probably wasting money and the benefits, but I usually only steep once - the first time. But I also only really drink 1 cup per day so the next day I will remake a new cup.

I want tea, not colored water. :lol:

But holding the wet tea leaves over night...I don't know about that. I would be afraid of some kind of mold or bacteria. That's just me, I could be wrong.
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Re: Question about re-using leaves

Postby hopeofdawn » Nov 22nd, '11, 12:08

I guess I'm too cheap, because I can't imagine not re-using my leaves as much as possible ... I spend way too much on tea to just throw them away after one steep! :D Of course, I also tend to brew gong-fu or semi gong-fu, with more leaf than western-style brewing usually uses.

I would recommend that if you want to use more leaf and go with shorter brew times to get multiple steeps, that you should be able to keep your leaves at least overnight at room temperature. I've done it multiple times and never gotten sick. Or you can also put them in the refrigerator until you're ready to brew again (though I wouldn't do it for longer than a day, and I don't do that with yixing or other antique/precious teaware--I'm too paranoid the sudden temperature changes might cause them to crack).

This seems to work best with black tea and roasted oolongs--you can do it with greens, but it tends to lose its freshness, IMHO. I have one particular white tea that just lasts *forever* (8-9 steeps, easy) that I can do this with as well.
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Re: Question about re-using leaves

Postby MIKE_B » Nov 22nd, '11, 19:27

Like Hopeofdawn, I also "semi-gongfu".
If the leaves in my pot still have life to them, I fill the pot with cold water before I go to bed. I gulp down the cold brew in the morning. A few of the results have been pretty excellent.
I have no fear of mold or bacteria.
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Re: Question about re-using leaves

Postby silversun » Dec 8th, '11, 13:54

Thanks for the replies =)
I was mainly interested because sometimes I would start brewing a new tea in the afternoon, but maybe only go through 2 cups and not wanting to throw it away.
I started leaves in the morning now so I get to make good use of them!
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