Beer drinker trying tea

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Beer drinker trying tea

Postby NPK » Nov 18th, '11, 23:36


I am a homebrewer and a craft beer enthusiast that gets great enjoyment from the flavor profiles of beer. However, enjoying the flavor profiles of alcoholic beverages doesn't always bid so well during the weekdays. Therefore, I would like to see if I can fill that 5 day void with tea.

A few months ago, I bought a Primula teapot and blooming tea balls. Three or four blooms have given me enough thrill of jasmine to personally last me a lifetime. I grew tired of seeing the teapot just sitting in my cabinet, so I ordered the black tea sampler from Adagio and received it in the mail today. I have currently only tried the Assam Melody. I must say that it is tasty and has a silkiness I've never noticed in store brand teas, but I was wondering if the masses knew of any teas that pushed out even more of the malty character that I've been reading about?

I would really like to give tea a fair shake and see what it has to offer. Anything that has a malty, smoky, roasted flavor will definitely pair well with my palate. Are black teas my best option to achieve this?


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Re: Beer drinker trying tea

Postby Chip » Nov 20th, '11, 01:40

Hi NPK and welcome to the forum.

Assam will generally be right up your alley. You also might like Pu-er or a heavily roasted oolong such as a Wuyi. Another black that might work would be Keemun.

However, all these teas are quite variable, but most of use enjoy tea because of the endless variety. Be sure to check out the individual forums of TeaChat.

And let us know what you are drinking in TeaDay!

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Re: Beer drinker trying tea

Postby Stentor » Nov 20th, '11, 14:37

I think you might like Houjicha / Hojicha (both spellings are used). It's roasted Japanese green tea. It does not taste like a typical green tea at all, though.
In fact, "malty, smoky, roasted" are exactly the words I would use to describe its flavor.

It is low on caffeine if that is of interest to you.
It's also not expensive and very easy to brew!

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Re: Beer drinker trying tea

Postby NPK » Nov 20th, '11, 17:21

Ok, I will start my exploration then. Thanks for a nudge in the right direction!

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Re: Beer drinker trying tea

Postby tropicanahana » Dec 2nd, '11, 03:50

HAHA "thrill of jasmine"!! You reminded me of a really cheap jasmine tea I got at Marshalls once that was so extravagently perfumed I put it in the bathroom as an air freshener, and have not wanted a jasmine tea since...

Well welcome to teachat ^__^

I second Stentor and Chips suggestions - you can not go wrong. Pu-erhs have great smokiness and complexity, while hojicha green tea can introduce you to the greens.

Your description of wanting a tea with "malty, smokey, roasted flavor" instantly brought to mind lapsong souchong :oops: It tastes smells like bacon, and tasts very smokey so I will not drink it but I cook with it.. My mom loves it, as such it is a drinkable tea lol but if you end up trying lapsong souchong and not liking it then you can keep it around for cooking!

I hope you find the love for tea!


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Re: Beer drinker trying tea

Postby Beaker » Dec 14th, '11, 05:58

Welcome NPK! Glad to see another craft beer enthusiast on the forum!

I also found tea to be to my liking during the week for the very same reason you have stated. All of the suggestions so far sound right on. I have had the privelege of trying a really wonderful shu/shou pu'er and the malt and chocolate notes really reminded me of a good RIS without the full viscosity. If you have the opportunity, that would be the first thing that comes to my mind.


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Re: Beer drinker trying tea

Postby teaisme » Dec 14th, '11, 17:48

NPK wrote:Are black teas my best option to achieve this?

Good place to start.
yunnan blacks are often malty, good value,and delicious (not to mention easier on the body then assam). That would be the first recommendation that comes to mind. Keemun would be second. Lapsang too no doubt.

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Re: Beer drinker trying tea

Postby Dinahsaur » Dec 16th, '11, 11:04

Nice to meet you, NPK! It's nice to see there's another beer drinker around here. I'm definitely not as focused as you in my beer drinking, but I have only just begun learning the intricacies of home brewing and am in the midst of my first batch as I type this!

I actually enjoyed tea well before beer, but started learning about higher quality options in both areas around the same time, so I'll be interested to see what teas catch your taste buds in particular.

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Re: Beer drinker trying tea

Postby FlyedPiper » Dec 17th, '11, 23:36


If you like IPA's you should look at sheng (young, or allowed to age naturally) puerh tea. It has that nice bitter profile balanced out with a kind of malty, earthy taste. And it's cheap and never goes bad... it only gets better with age!

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