What music do you listen to (with tea)?

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Music to Listen to while drinking Tea

Postby zensalamander » May 28th, '11, 15:29

Here is a great album to listen to while enjoying a pot of tea.


The Shakuhachi, japanese bamboo flute, is featured on most of the tracks as well as gong and some electronic elements.
It is a great fusion of ambience and contemporary improvisation.
I highly recommend that it's worth a download if you enjoy, because of course it is important to support the artist.

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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby bagua7 » Jul 16th, '11, 21:20

Almost reached Nirvana listening to the soprano Angela Gheorghiu in the aria Vissi d'arte (Tosca by Puccini):


Coupled with some Keemun tea. :)


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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby SlientSipper » Jul 18th, '11, 00:27

I'll post links of what I listen to while sipping tea.
but, normally I sip... in silence.



the one below kinda works with Matcha.

http://www.youtube.com/user/whitesockth ... ywxM86S0KU



I guess some of those links tell you about my likes. hehehehe.

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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby Xell » Jul 18th, '11, 12:46

Maybe a bit strange to listen to this during Japanese tea session, but i do enjoy some Celtic or Irish folk music and songs. Something like this Altan - Uncle Rat
Even Celtic rock :shock:
Cruachan - Voice of Morrigan

And who doesn't like King of the Fairies, though i prefer flute version :)

I do have traditional Japanese music collection and many other kinds of music, but don't listen as often, as to what i mentioned above.

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Re: What music do you listen to?

Postby bagua7 » Jul 19th, '11, 06:16

My favourite Russian composer from the Romantic era:


Tchaikovsky - Sleeping Beauty: Grande valse villageoise.



Rimsky-Korsakov - Sheherazade from the Fourth Movement (Festival at Baghdad).

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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby Terri » Sep 13th, '11, 21:53

I listen to anything from oldies rock, to rap, 80's etc..Listening to Julian Lennon right now..his song "Too Late For Goodbyes" lol I love that song

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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby tea.and.peace » Oct 15th, '11, 18:01

At home I use a squeezebox duet. I generally listen to internet radio. I found some classical Chinese music I like to listen to while I drink tea. I found the web site that streams the music.......

Any other cool internet Chinese stations you know of ?

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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby Ostara » Oct 15th, '11, 20:40

i use pandora internet radio and love it for tea, i mostly listen to Yiruma,Kitaro and Hiromi to name a few. Very relaxing in general though

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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby BioHorn » Oct 16th, '11, 00:51

The absence of music usually fills my families tea time.
I usually get my fill of music each week. :mrgreen:

It is very interesting to hear other peoples tastes in music!

However, now that I think of it, I did have some rock tea with modern punk the other week. My son had a hard time with that combo!

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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby sencha » Dec 21st, '11, 21:25

I recently got hooked on this really unique band while listening to Pandora. Beats Antique. They offer one of their albums for free. It's kind of like a mixture of electronic/egyptian/oriental/whatever. It's hard to describe, but I love it. :mrgreen:

I'll usually listen to calm/dreamy music when drinking tea, if I listen to anything at all--bands like Conjure One or Delerium [sic].

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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby pterikdactyl » Dec 26th, '11, 06:12

I enjoy extracting emotions, and with a nice cup of tea (it's gotta be hot), the feelings are amplified significantly. I feel like some sort of leech, sucking out the energy and receiving one of the most pleasant highs I've felt in my life. Two of the songs I have been listening to recently to achieve this sort of euphoria and ecstasy are below. The passion in both of them is perfect.

-White Blank Page by Mumford & Sons
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZHKW2XeGl0 )
-Back to the Beginning by Lamb and Damien Rice
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MakVsJ50-Iw )

I've noticed that it works best when it's either completely dark around me, or when I have a modest candle lit; watching the steam escape from the cup is wonderful. Having headphones or earbuds also seems to make the songs and feelings penetrate me on a deeper level. Dancing helps too, of course. :)

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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby Ludwig-1954 » Dec 30th, '11, 11:18

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen

May I recommend the Opera: "Tea, a Mirror of Soul" by the contemporary chinese composer Tan Dun?
Not really easy, but for an educated tea enthusiast part of the 'canon of
music to listen to'.
It is about the life and death of the Teamaster Sen No Rikyu.

on Youtube:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tjbDZn0 ... ata_player

The American tea gentleman James Norwood Pratt wrote a short Intro-
duction to the opera on occasion of its premiere.
It may be read here:


Enjoy and a happy new year

Patrick B. Ludwig

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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby FlyedPiper » Jan 2nd, '12, 02:30

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Re: What music do you listen to (with tea)?

Postby joelbct » Jan 6th, '12, 19:41

I like baroque and classical, but my personal taste runs toward decent techno & tech house... not everyone's cup of tea I suppose but I find it soothing, just like good tea... A few examples:

Maya Jane Coles - Dub Child

Chaim - Love Rehab

Cora Novoa - Blackheart (Simon Garcia Acid Heart Remix)

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Re: What music do you listen to?

Postby Lerxst2112 » Feb 5th, '12, 20:04

Vito wrote:
  • Tommy Emmanuel
  • Michael Hedges
  • Gin Blossoms
  • Simon and Garfunkel
  • Leo Kottke

Add to that: Don Ross, Antoine Dufour, Craig D'Andrea, Nick Drake, John Mayer, etc... and that's what I listen to for relaxation as well. With or without tea. Tea time is usually with the aforementioned music if I'm alone, or a pleasant conversation with no music when I'm with the bf.

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