Best Christmas Surprise Ever!!

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Best Christmas Surprise Ever!!

Postby nrstooge » Dec 26th, '11, 22:46

I was shocked (in a good way) when I walked into my sister's home last night. My niece - who has been in Japan for almost 2 years made it home for Christmas and no one knew (well her parents and friends in Japan did - but no one else here). BEST SURPRISE EVER!! She loves tea too, so we chatted a bit about what we liked and how her work there was going - then, since she was still on Japan time and was a bit droopy eyed, she went to take a nap.

I'm so happy for sis and BIL since they hadn't seen her either.. it will be 2 years this coming March and she is in the same presinct as that reactor - north and east of Toyko. So glad all is well.

We will do our gift exchange next week so I'll get to see her one more time before she goes back.
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Re: Best Christmas Surprise Ever!!

Postby Chasen » Dec 27th, '11, 00:17

So happy for you and your family, ns! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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Re: Best Christmas Surprise Ever!!

Postby zencha » Dec 27th, '11, 22:22

Thanks for sharing !
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