Hey Geekgirl! (365 Days of Danboard)

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Hey Geekgirl! (365 Days of Danboard)

Postby Drax » Jan 4th, '12, 20:08

I recently picked up a number of books from a Japanese store, and I was really excited about this one!!

You've posted pictures before of your "danbou" from Yotsubato, and I thought of you when I saw the book. Actually, the pictures were taken by a women who lives in Atlanta, GA!

Anyway, just thought I'd share... :D If anybody is interested in getting a copy, you can pick it up for about $25 from a state-side retailer (like kinokuniya). It's about the size of a typical Japanese manga book, glossy pictures.
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Re: Hey Geekgirl! (365 Days of Danboard)

Postby auhckw » Jan 5th, '12, 07:41

My danbo big bro and little bro...

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