anyone have adagio oolong #12

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

anyone have adagio oolong #12

Postby thor0298 » Nov 30th, '07, 10:42

currently I have some Marketspice Dragon Phoenix Pearls I received for my birthday. I am almost out and looking for more.
Is the oolong #12 good?
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Postby SnapshotCat » Nov 30th, '07, 11:17

I like them. I also drink the Jasmine Downy Pearls from Peet's.
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Postby xine » Nov 30th, '07, 13:41

I love the Jasmine Pearls. i haven't had it in a while, as I was drinking it too much, so had to take a break from it. But yes, I highly recommend it. It does have Jasmine scent/flavor so it's different from the other oolongs.
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Postby Mary R » Nov 30th, '07, 14:33

The oolong 12 is the best jasmine pearl I've had...and I've had far too many in my day. (Brings out the cane and the fixadent...)
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Mary R
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Postby tenuki » Dec 4th, '07, 02:12

ya, it's decent.
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Postby divintea » Dec 4th, '07, 13:19

Does it have a big caffeine boost?
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Postby tenuki » Dec 17th, '07, 20:32

Caffeine content of all oolongs is about an average of 30 mg a typical cup, while coffee has over 80 usually.
Code: Select all
Beverage                    ave mg      range     per ounce
Coffee (5 oz. cup)           80    40 - 170   16.00
Cola (12 oz. can)           45    30 - 60   3.75
Black Tea (one tea bag)   40    25 - 110   5.00
Oolong Tea (one tea bag)   30    12 - 55   3.75
Green Tea (one tea bag)   20    8 - 30   2.50
White Tea (one tea bag)   15    6 - 25   2.00

Another thing you should be aware of - almost all of the caffeine in the tea cones out in the first minute of brewing. The tea leaves are essentially decaffe after that. For oolongs, which often can be brewed many times (10 or so is not uncommon) this is important to note.

The 'buzz' from tea is way different than the buzz from coffee too, I personally far prefer 'tea mind' to 'coffee wired'. :D
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Postby Daughteroftheki... » Dec 31st, '07, 02:08

Jasmine #12 is my absolute favorite tea, hot or cold. And it makes 3 very good infusions.
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