Oolong suggestions

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Oolong suggestions

Postby SimonRichie » Jan 23rd, '12, 21:46

Hi, gang!

I recently sampled Adagio's Wuyi Ensemble and Huang Jin Bolero.

'Twas not impressed. The Wuyi was too similar too hojicha, which I like, but if I want that I'll buy hojicha, and the Huang Jin had a nice pepperiness, but that was about it.

Suggest to me, from Adagio or any other U.S. vendor, an oolong I might dig on. I've been doing both gong fu and western-style. As for what I do like, I dig Japanese greens (sencha, kukicha) and smokier Chinese greens.

I know, I know, every palette is different. I just want some suggestions.

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Re: Oolong suggestions

Postby bsteele » Jan 23rd, '12, 21:49

You should check out the Four Seasons Spring Oolong from http://www.themountainteaco.com/

It's "Free" for a 1oz sample... just pay $1 shipping. I think it's pretty tasty- a nice floral oolong and you can't beat the price.

I also enjoyed some samples from Tea From Taiwan: http://www.teafromtaiwan.com/shop/tea-samples

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Re: Oolong suggestions

Postby intelligen_tea_a » Jan 23rd, '12, 21:58

I agree with the above post. Also, if you like the smokier flavor, I might recommend kucha.com's Honey Orchid Dan Cong oolong.

As far as the Wuyi rock oolongs that you tried from adagio, how did you brew them? Did you do it in a way that accents its best flavor (see other oolong topics for info on this)? How many steepings did you have? The flavors change drastically from the first steeping on, this is the beauty of a good oolong tea.

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Re: Oolong suggestions

Postby djlau » Mar 20th, '12, 12:36

If you like smoky teas I would highly recommend darker roast Taiwan Oolongs.

Naivetea has a very nice Mu Zha Tie Guan Yin https://www.naivetea.com/products/tea/m ... -guan-yin/

You will also find other styles of darker roast Taiwan Oolong if you look around. They've all got a really nice coffee, chocolatey flavors and aren't too overpowering.

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Re: Oolong suggestions

Postby Oni » Mar 30th, '12, 01:24

Yunnansourcing Top TGY, was the best I ever had, others are far inferior.

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Re: Oolong suggestions

Postby Herb_Master » Mar 30th, '12, 20:15

Oni wrote:Yunnansourcing Top TGY, was the best I ever had, others are far inferior.

You regularly used to extol the Dragon TeaHouse
Nonpareil Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea

Frequently claiming it as the best you had ever had.

Is this far inferior than the Yunnan Sourcing Top TGY?


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