Customer Service At Tea Cos.

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Customer Service At Tea Cos.

Postby sherubtse » Jan 24th, '12, 11:04

Came across this in a recent post from a customer service guru:

"And it points to the one, glaring, overriding reason that customer service continues to be outside of the reach of most companies and individuals. We have become so narcissistic – so focused on our own needs, so demanding of our own entitlements, so…oblivious… to the needs of the people around us, that the whole concept of customer service no longer comes naturally."

What experiences have people had with customer service at online tea companies?

Any companies that stand out for great service? Any that stand out for lousy service?

Best wishes,

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Re: Customer Service At Tea Cos.

Postby Chip » Jan 24th, '12, 12:11

... oh boy ... :lol:

I can say that I have had generally very good customer service from all online tea companies with only one extremely glaring exception.

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Re: Customer Service At Tea Cos.

Postby JRS22 » Jan 24th, '12, 14:11

I've found a number of small online companies that have very high quality personal customer service. The responses to my email queries are generally answered quickly, apparently by principals. My favorites, where the tea is the same high quality as the customer service, include O-Cha, Seven Cups, Essence of Tea, Tea Trekker and Artistic Nippon (for teaware). Since I've been buying my tea from vendors I learn about here on Teachat I've learned from other peoples bad experiences (see post above).

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Re: Customer Service At Tea Cos.

Postby beecrofter » Jan 24th, '12, 16:28

Not every geezer has felt a need to move at the speed of the text message. If you are dealing with folks who are totally consumed with tea then expect to communicate sometimes at snail mail speed.

I have yet to have a sour deal on the internet but- on the information highway a little street sense goes a long way.

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