Is anybody an expert on Darjeelings?

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Is anybody an expert on Darjeelings?

Postby jashnew » Dec 4th, '07, 22:37

Is anybody out there an expert on Darjeelings? I got this new book called the Little Black Book of Tea. They stated that Darjeelings from the Arya estate is considered the best Darjeeling. I went ahead and bought a sample. It was the first flush. It was good. Light, fruity and fresh. Overall very good. Not astringent even for a first flush. Anybody have any thoughts on Arya Estate tea.

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Postby scruffmcgruff » Dec 4th, '07, 23:34

I don't think any one estate is "the best" per se, but Arya is supposed to be very good. Organic too, IIRC. Glad you liked it! :)

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Postby Chip » Dec 4th, '07, 23:49

I seem to get Arya and Makaibari exclusively from Darjeeling. I am not an organic fanatic, but I still feel good about these 2 organic estates. Plus I have only had good experiences with their teas.

Darjeeling tea really rocks, but I prefer it occasionally instead of everyday. When I drank blacks everyday, I used to favor a more approachable Keemun.

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Postby divintea » Dec 5th, '07, 14:26

This makes me want to travel to India and visit the estate! I bet the smell is outta this world... mmm.

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Postby jashnew » Dec 9th, '07, 14:46

This weekend I got some Darjeeling from the Arya Estate. It was their Topaz blend. It had a very light floral tatse and was very naturally sweet. Good but I wouldn't get it again. If anybody is a Darjeeling fan and hasn't tried Darjeeling from the Singbulli Estate try that one. I also reccommend getting the second flush. It's less astringent.

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