Yunnan Sourcing for Puerh

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Yunnan Sourcing for Puerh

Postby needaTEAcher » Feb 9th, '12, 23:33

What do y'all think of Yunnan Sourcing as a place to get some pu? Their prices seem pretty good, though I don't know by back home standards. I found a place in Soul selling 2011 disks for 3-8 times what Yunnan Sourcing charges, though for what it's worth, this same joint sells a 2002 7542 for 500,000 won, and a 1998 7542 for 700,000, wherein I can buy a 1996, better stored 7542 from my fav store for 350,000 (just over 1,100 won to the USD). So this place seems pricey.

But how legit is Yunnan Sourcing? Fake pu? I don't dig their teapots. Thanks for the help!
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Re: Yunnan Sourcing for Puerh

Postby MarshalN » Feb 9th, '12, 23:51

They don't really sell fake stuff. I do think you need to sample widely within their selection to find good teas - some are good, others are very mediocre. But there are gems there.
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Re: Yunnan Sourcing for Puerh

Postby ebwheat » Feb 10th, '12, 09:43

I second what MarshalN said and add that their service has always been accurate and rapid. Their offering of samples for most of their product is extremely helpful in experiencing a wide variety of manufacturers and their various offerings
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Re: Yunnan Sourcing for Puerh

Postby Drax » Feb 10th, '12, 10:01

YS is in my personal top 5 list for pu'erh. They have a hard-to-match combination of reliability and breadth of selection. You could keep yourself busy for a year or three just by sampling everything...

As for the price difference, they buy in bulk and are in China, so it would not be surprising to see cheaper prices compared to South Korea?

There are a few more comments over here at the review section of the forum.
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Re: Yunnan Sourcing for Puerh

Postby beecrofter » Feb 10th, '12, 17:56

Scott has always dealt fairly with me.
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Re: Yunnan Sourcing for Puerh

Postby bearsbearsbears » Feb 10th, '12, 22:14

Scott has always been fair and prompt with me, and often throws in a few extra samples if he's feeling particularly generous. He has good business relationships with official distributors of major factory teas.

As MarshalN notes, his selection being so broad can pose issues with finding the gems, but he does offer samples of pretty much everything.
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Re: Yunnan Sourcing for Puerh

Postby gasninja » Feb 12th, '12, 10:15

I,ve never had a problem with them. And Scott is pretty good about helping you find stuff that. You will like.

Your right on about their pots though.
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Re: Yunnan Sourcing for Puerh

Postby Zpro » Feb 12th, '12, 11:11

As the others have stated before me yunnan sourcing offers impeccable service and a vast array of pu varieties.

I have always been pleased with my purchases and their delivery.

Excellent business/service standards.
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Re: Yunnan Sourcing for Puerh

Postby BioHorn » Feb 13th, '12, 00:38

Scott has treated me well over the years.

With thousands of offerings, teas range from very, very good to okay. There are some great buys to be found.

Most importantly his service has been outstanding. We all dislike finding our round bings arriving battered. Scott has gotten his shipping down. All my cakes have arrived in excellent condition. That even with the gorilla treatment that is sal/ China Post (seven weeks to OH.)

YSLLC sheng pu is super clean. It is nice to have a tea that looks and tastes great... :mrgreen:
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Re: Yunnan Sourcing for Puerh

Postby Lerxst2112 » Feb 13th, '12, 13:41

I had gifted the 2005 Xiaguan Bao Yan "Tibetan Flame" Raw Pu-erh Brick to the boyfriend. He seems to have liked it. Scott was helpful, and that shipping was lightning fast! It was shipped on 11/28, and arrived before Christmas.
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